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Unforgettable prints

Never miss an opportunity to make yourself visible

At all your events, Print Event by Hurricane helps you stand out with advertising materials printed in your colors.

Save time with a team that offers comprehensive support for quality printing of your media, including:

  • informed and judicious advice to determine your needs in terms of communication media according to your constraints of place and space;
  • graphic design and layout for the printing of your future media, thanks to our creative team;
  • custom printing and manufacturing in the formats of your media;
  • and the installation of these on the date and at the place you wish to be visible to all.

We provide you with the supports that will enhance your stands, your windows, and your events. That way, you only have to concentrate on the essentials. Without having to worry about being visible.

Show your colors in all circumstances

At festivals, cultural events or from your store, we offer quality products to attract the eyes of all passers-by through the printing of your marketing materials.

And you can find all our products on our website:

  • The dressing of your point of sale and your windows, thanks to our digital prints in any format;
  • The creation of tailor-made light boxes;
  • The covering of all your vehicles and your sliding boards;
  • Ready-to-use stands and the so-called natural display layout;
  • Inflatable structures, tents and any other furniture that can enhance you!

Responsible materials for your marketing campaigns

Each year, we take small steps to get closer to our commitments and preserve the environment through simple actions:

  • water-based printing processes, without volatile pollutants or solvents (HP ecosolutions certification);
  • purchases of raw materials that are as sustainable and recyclable as possible, such as wood with PEFC standards;
  • an entirely French design and manufacture of your supports and fittings in a process of reducing the carbon footprint;
  • the use of local service providers as a priority to enhance our territories.

A creative process

We print your messages on all kinds of media. Whether they are rigid or flexible, small or large, we have in our workshops enough to create extraordinary structures. You will be surrounded by the best with:

  • our project managers who accompany you throughout our collaboration and bring you the best of our expertise;
  • our creative team, which ensures the creation of media that respects your brand image or with a complete and tailor-made visual creation;
  • our carpentry workshop, which sees the birth of supports shaped by the hands of our craftsmen;
  • our digital printing works, which adds colors to the dressing of your structures;
  • our teams who take care of the transport, logistics, and installation of your printed and ready-to-use supports.

Hurricane is a 360° company. We are sure we have the means to help you materialize your desires to show the world who you are.

Step 1

We work with you to determine the project specifications for the creation of future advertising media by analyzing your needs and giving you the best advice to carry out a successful marketing operation.

Step 2

We go on site to discover your point of sale or the plans of the event, in order to carry out all the necessary measures. We take into account space constraints to the nearest centimeter.

Step 3

Our creative team (three 2D and 3D graphic designers and a DTP operator) is responsible for creating your visuals in accordance with your graphic charter, and modeling your future media to find the best possible layout for your spaces.

Step 4

We validate together the models made by our creative team to issue the Good to Print and go to print.

Step 5

We start producing your marketing materials in our dedicated workshops: carpentry or digital printing.

Step 6

We prepare your supports for transport, and we organize all the logistics for the installation. And of course, we take a few shots before leaving to check that everything went well!

We like to create always bigger for you

Discover all our achievements and let’s make yours together.


Une vision à 360° à travers 5 départements : creative, events, infrastructures, print et talents.