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An expert in sensational sports, Hurricane Events develops unique events all over the world for brands that want to see untold stories materialize.

Since the more we train, the more we progress, it is the path we have traveled so far that allows us to offer you quality services. And we owe it to:

  • expertise developed since 1997;
  • more than 450 events organized to its credit;
  • an all-terrain adaptation according to your needs;
  • human (and athletic) teams, ready for anything;
  • unlimited material means to create unique and entertaining experiences.

Do not be afraid to ask us the impossible, we’ve already done it.

Tailor-made events to make your projects a reality

We offer the best of our 25 years of experience to create innovative events. Whether you are a community, a company, an association, or a social media athlete, we have the solution for you.

Indeed, we base the whole framework of our cooperation on constructive exchanges, which will help us to better understand your expectations. Thanks to a precise analysis of your needs, we make every effort to produce the tailor-made project specifications that will allow us to strengthen the notoriety of your brand on D-Day.

In order to exploit all our creativity, we are committed to making the most of our two worlds. And here is what you can ask us to create for your events:

  • Logistical and operational organization with a team on site;
  • Complete coordination (face-to-face or remotely);
  • Spectacular parks and the management of your competitions;
  • Event promotion and social media marketing;
  • Live production and media coverage (television, YouTube, Twitch);
  • Branding and visual communication;
  • Management of sponsors and fan experience;
  • The booking of your athletes via a secure interface.

Let's organize a phenomenal and prodigious demonstration

From start to finish, our organizers are trained to help you design fabulous experiences. Our goal is to succeed in creating all the circumstances necessary for the smooth running of your future event and to plan for the unpredictable.

We are at your side to create: your internal and external events, your open houses, your seminars, your animations, your launch parties, your street marketing, your Twitch lives and all the other actions that matter to you.

And do not forget. Hurricane gives you a 360° Flip to highlight your potential, by offering you complementary services in communication, support creation and infrastructure development. And above all, we are committed to adapting to new trends and being as close as possible to young audiences.

So take inspiration from what we’ve already achieved, and challenge us to create bigger.


Creating a large-scale event that welcomes a large audience is no small feat. This is why delegating such an organization can become a winning strategy when you decide to surround yourself with the best. At Hurricane Events, we have tested the best processes to offer you today a complete and tailor-made service as follows.

Step 1

Together we build project specifications to cover the entire organization of the event: concept, communication, promotion, logistics, planning, program, installation, team management, etc.

Step 2
Field study

We are working on creating all the event tools to make the project a reality: location scouting and measurement of locations, use of service providers (caterers, entertainers, etc.), installations and structures, visual and advertising elements, etc.

Step 3

We then put in place a marketing strategy adapted to the promotion of the event (digital campaign, print advertising, press relations, etc.) and we plan marketing actions during the event (live production, animation of social networks, etc.)

Step 4 Organisation

We are at your side on D-Day to help you enjoy the event with peace of mind by taking care of all stages: installation, logistics, team organization, storage, etc.

Step 5 Communication

We establish feedback to review together the strong points of the event and provide you with new content (photos, videos) to promote without limits on your communication media.

Delivering exhilarating experiences

360° expertise across five key areas: Events, Creative, Parks, Talent and Media.