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Digital applied to Urban Sports


From supervising a Twitch live to showcasing your latest products on your social networks, we help you promote what you do best and bring your brand image to the fore. We intervene to show the world your talents and offer you the communication strategy that will make the difference.

Composed of a video studio and a creative lab, the Hurricane Creative team is committed to offering you the best communication tools and to providing you with digital marketing that will be a hit on your smartphones.

We put the user experience at the heart of the strategy we create to fulfill your communication objectives, creating unique solutions and bringing you the innovation you need.

Our credo: “Creativity is like a rider during the FISE. Once started, nothing can stop it.”


Name your needs, and we will meet them. At Hurricane Creative, we implement a complete strategy to make you visible to your target. This way, you stay focused on the essentials, and we take care of the rest.

Our communication agency offers you support adapted to your expectations, which we take the time to define together. Thus, you benefit from our best advice to meet the communication objectives that we have set together.

The primary concern of our team of experts is to focus this communication strategy on your target. To this end, together we will be able to:

  • define your target customers;
  • establish so-called SMART objectives to be sufficiently precise, measurable, achievable, relevant and fixed in time;
  • refine the messages you want to convey to them;
  • and determine your positioning in the market.

Communication actions to achieve your objectives

Do you need a hand to achieve your communication objectives? We’ve got you covered at Hurricane Creative.

Our art directors, our graphic designers, our webmasters, our UX and UI designers, our video directors and our communication experts come into play to offer you the best tools available to put you on stage.

Together, we can build a solid brand identity that will resonate with your target audience’s needs. And more concretely, we propose to realize for you:

  • Branding for a complete brand identity (brand content, brand experience, shooting, creation of your brand identity and concept);
  • The design from A to Z of a website in your image to give you visibility on the internet.

A creative team to promote your talents in the digital sphere

Because a presence on the web is essential, we help you promote your brand there. Whether it’s to launch a new service, promote a product or animate a community, we are equipped to make you shine brightly.

Our marketing expertise has developed around a mainly young target: 15-25 year olds. Their digital habits no longer have any secrets for us, and they inspire us to create what will be the way of communicating tomorrow.

And for that, we offer the best to make you unmissable on the digital sphere. Ready to do anything to bring you visibility, our teams bring you:

  • Marketing and social media strategies for long-term loyalty;
  • Multichannel, omnichannel and cross-channel operations to seduce your prospects and convert them into customers and achieve your inbound marketing objectives;
  • The shooting of your videos (script, management, post-production) for quality and exceptional content;
  • The creation and management of content for better positioning and a consistent experience;
  • Community management of your social networks (Instagram, Twitch, YouTube, TikTok and all the others!).

Challenge our teams to propel you to the forefront.

Delivering exhilarating experiences

360° expertise across five key areas: Events, Creative, Parks, Talent and Media.