Do you need help creating the infrastructure for your next event? We support all types of organizers (local authorities, federations, brands, event companies, etc.) to create spaces adapted to urban sports and to your expectations.
Discover our three companies creating sensational infrastructures:

  • Hurricane Parks to create bespoke skateparks;
  • Hurricane Tracks to install your pumptracks and organize BMX races;
  • Brick, specialist in the practice of Parkour, to set up robust and modular structures.

Proud of our experience, we make every effort to provide you with high quality equipment, prioritizing the safety of your athletes.

All our Park creations are unique and adapted to your needs in your environment. Urban planning is our playground, tested and approved by a network of international athletes.

Create a skatepark on a river? We did it. Are you going to challenge us to do more extraordinary? Contact our teams to be guided towards the solution made for you.

Tailor-made infrastructures for your urban sports events

Do you want to organize a championship? An event dedicated to sliding sports? In a gymnasium or at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, we install all the structures necessary for the practice of urban sports in Parks, such as:

  • BMX Freestyle;
  • Skateboarding;
  • Rollerblading ;
  • Freestyle Scooter;
  • or even Parkour.

Materializing Parks at your events means ensuring that you bring a real show to your audience. Our Parks are available for rent or with a tailor-made creation to allow you to consider all the possibilities.

Let’s work together to achieve a common dream: to democratize sports and street arts.


We are present from the specifications until the end of the project to offer you our expertise and our precious advice.


Our teams specialized in the creation of infrastructures for extreme sports will be able to offer you the best.


Based in Baillargues (near Montpellier in France), our production plant prepares robust and quality equipment for you.


For an event or project management, we are specialists in the installation of all-terrain infrastructure.

Field activation

An opening ceremony or a large audience event, we can take care of the promotion and publicity.

Hard infrastructure for your urban developments

You would like to offer slopes in your city to practice different sliding sports. Indoors or outdoors, you will be able to discover great possibilities for promoting fun activities.

Aimed at all ages, the whole family can come and discover, learn and have fun on secure grounds. Weatherproof, our Pumptracks will bring a new landscape to your city.
Our structures adapt to the spaces you have. And we provide the best advice for setting up spaces dedicated to leisure or the professional practice of our urban sports.

Choose what you need.

Offer sliding courts made from 90% recycled materials

Hurricane Tracks imagines with you Pumptracks and BMX tracks to bring the best of urban sports! We create unique structures, as you wish, to give scope to your sports practices. This adds a little spice to the ecstasy of the banked turn and tends towards an assumed objective: delight a generation of motivated people.

Offer all ages the safe practice of sliding sports: skateboarding, BMX, rollerblading, mountain biking, scooters, etc.

Thanks to a solid coating, you have peace of mind about the life of your Pumptracks and BMX tracks. Made from 90% recycled materials, our “shape” is part of a sustainable and responsible economy. All our project management takes place to preserve the original space as much as possible so as not to endanger certain species.

How do we proceed?

Step 1: We discuss your project together to define your future structure.

Step 2: Our design office is responsible for imagining your future tracks with you and creating the sketches.

Step 3: We plan the installation of the work.

Step 4: We carry out the work (earthworks, road and rainwater management, landscaping, installation of signage). ;

Step 5: We give you the keys to maintain your new tracks, and we bring back the ribbon and the scissors for the inauguration!

Endless buildable parkour modules!

Do you want to offer the practice of overcoming obstacles? Indoors or outdoors, we offer a wide range of modules for great freedom of layout for the practice of Parkour.

Designed and tested by professionals in our favorite street sport, Brick equipment gives you all the security you need to master the art of movement.

Robust and reliable, our structures are also designed for the practice of high level competitions.

In a conscious manufacturing process, we have chosen to favor wood and metal as the least polluting raw materials. And to make our structures removable, so that they can be used in several settings and over the long term.

Experience Parkour like never before

You don’t know how to equip yourself? The Brick team is happy to help. Our equipment is fully modular and you can mix them as much as you want.

Our individual modules

Stackable and modular structures to build your obstacles and that you can take with you everywhere!

Our training kits

Ready-to-install kits in three different sizes to introduce you to urban crossing sports.

Our complete set-ups

Set-ups designed to offer you training sessions for all levels of practice.

Our tubular structures

Tall structures to practice the movements of the pendulum and get started in high-level competition.

What infrastructure do you need?

Temporary parks for the practice of sliding sports

Equip your events and demonstrations with the best of our expertise for your athletes. Tailor-made or rental Parks for a prodigious experience.

Parks for your urban developments

Offer robust sliding tracks as a recreation area for the practice of all sports on wheels, suitable for all ages for a minimum of guaranteed sensation.

Specific modules to the practice of Parkour

Choose quality for the practice of Parkour. During events or installed on the long term, our Brick brand modules are made to help progress.


360° expertise across five key areas: Events, Creative, Parks, Talent and Media.