H-FARM : Installation du park d’entrainement


H-FARM and Italian Cycling Federation




As a leading nation in the UCI BMX Freestyle Park rankings, Italy needs a world-class facility to prepare athletes for major competitions. The Italian Cycling Federation worked in synergy with H-FARM to create their brand-new BMX Freestyle Park at the H-FARM Campus. H-FARM is an international boarding school recognized as an Apple Distinguished School in Treviso, Italy. The campus offers a range of training for 3 to 16 year olds and students benefit from new buildings and sporting facilities located in beautiful surroundings.

Agency mission

Hurricane was tasked with designing, developing and building a brand-new training park that encompasses the best features in line with the performance goals of the Italian Cycling Federation and H-FARM’s innovative mind.

The BMX Freestyle Park provided by Hurricane Parks offers world-class ramps to professional athletes. The park includes soft landing ramps for training, which are removable so more experienced riders can train in real conditions and for use in events. Hurricane Tracks also set a progressive pumptrack on the side of the BMX Park where students can take their first steps in urban sports whatever their age or level.

H-FARM is a perfect place for education, innovation and now an amazing place to practise urban sports.

Pictures copyright : Tomasso VIan & Marin Stupar